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The Maintenance Company, Inc.

Agility and dependability in
building maintenance.

Founded in 2004 by Bryan Baugher, Chris Stafford, Lee Murphy, and Lynn Rinehart, The Maintenance Company, Inc. (TMC) was formed with one simple goal: provide quality customer service with a personal touch.

From humble beginnings in a partner’s garage, TMC identified a need in the market for a dedicated, dependable service provider to manage the repair and maintenance needs of retail organizations and property management professionals. By addressing this need, TMC began to partner with companies interested in improving their speed in technician deployment and management, streamlining paperwork, enhancing efficiency in risk management, and increasing overall service capacity.

By 2005, TMC was ready to graduate from the initial “American Dream” location to a professional office space. A small team of resourceful and experienced professionals began to be assembled, leading to a rapid expansion in capabilities and capacity. This allowed TMC to expand our customer base, and begin to partner with larger clients with challenging and diverse needs. This included increased involvement with property management companies tasked with managing lease agreements and landlord issues, allowing us to add these to our rapidly-expanding list of service offerings.

This rapid growth allowed TMC to deepen and expand community ties through business partners and community outreach programs. These included relationships with organizations such as Coats for Kids, Stark County Hunger Task Force, Ronald McDonald House, Cards for Causes, Boys and Girls Clubs of Phoenix, and Rainbow Village in St Louis, which continue to this day.

In 2015, TMC had once again outgrown our facilities, and the decision was made to buy a property of our own. This led to the acquisition of our current facility, located on almost 4 acres of land and featuring a building capable of accommodating several more stages of continued growth. Initial renovations were completed by October of 2015, and phase 2 has already begun with the development of a second parking lot to accommodate our continued personnel expansion.

TMC’s next chapter has yet to be written. By leveraging our seasoned and experienced personnel to offer national services with a hometown feel, we have an exciting opportunity to keep expanding our operations and reach in the industry, while continuing to enrich our involvement and commitment to our community.

Partnership with retailers and property management companies is more than being “customer and vendor.” Partnership is treating your customer’s business as your business. Their challenges are your challenges. TMC was conceived and built to shift and change seamlessly in order to meet the diverse and ever-expanding demands of retail properties and professionals.

The Maintenance Company, Inc.

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